Monday, January 07, 2008

No matter the mess you are your mine

Oh boy what a weekend. This weekend I managed to set fire to my mother’s house. Actually we had a small dryer fire. The lint trap and the vent tube were clogged up with lint and it caught fire. I was putting clothes in the washer and whoosh it went up in flames. Fire shot out of the back of the dryer and up the wall burning all the lint that had gathered there. I started screaming and my dad came running. By the time I got the fire extinguisher from under the sink the fire had put itself out. According to my dad dryer lint is mostly wool and cotton and it burns then extinguishes itself. I don’t know about that but I freaked myself out something fierce. I was so skittish after the fire I went to the laundry mat with J to dry the clothes. Being four she thinks the laundry mat is great fun. I was so scared and nervous thinking about how bad a fire could be we were lucky.

Now I have to live with the relentless teasing of my sister for almost burning down my mom’s house. When I left on Saturday she yelled from the porch “Thanks for not burning down my house.”

School starts today and the classes look really good this quarter and I will be graduating so that is cool. The title of this post comes from the New Pornographers new album. I can’t tell you how much I love this album.

Knitting stuff: Working hard on my sleeves for the Ram’s Horn Jacket. I am knitting both sleeves at once which is working out slowly but progressing. I have decided that three balls is enough for the Leaf Lace Scarf. I am getting sick of it. Pictures later this week!

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