Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mystery Purple Yarn Scarf

Mystery Yarn Before:

I got this neato yarn for my birthday. After puzzling over how to unravel this skein I finally put my sister to the task of unraveling it. We thought the yarn was many strands loosely plyed. We were suprised to find it was one long thread with the yarns being tied onto each other at random intervals. It had thin mohair, novelty yarns, threads and a nifty thick and thin bobble yarn. I saved that nugget for a wristband it was so nice.

So first I tried to knit it as is. It had a multiple color eyelash band right in the middle of two thin sections which looked too novelty for me. I decided to cut out the novelty and ribbon sections and use them for decoration and the fringe. I knit the thinner yarns into a garter stitch lace and wove the ribbon into the holes. I used the novelty yarn for the fringe. Overall it was fun to figure out and decide how to best showcase the yarn. It turned out to be a fun fashion scarf.
Mystery Yarn Post treatment:

Thanks Ashley!

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