Friday, February 22, 2008

Yeah we slow hands *

Two super quick FO's. Gosh I really love my Sugar N Cream. The first is a desk mat I made for my co-worker. She eats her lunch at her desk when the weather is naughty (like today). The books in the library are so dirty, especially the donations so this is to keep her lunch and the books nice and fresh!

I made a stockinette block and added bands on all the edges. I blocked it to flair out the sides. Her favorite color is purple (the color is called Jewel). I actually made it as demo for an idea I am cooking for a organic cotton lunch bag and mat.

The second is a dischloth I made for Larissa over at Stitch marker. She is working on an art project. This cloth is made with cream Sugar N Cream. It uses my old friend the Little Shells pattern. Remember Amelia's secret pocket scarf?

Little Shells is my new favorite stitch when my beloved garter stitch lace is out of town. Sorry Trinity stitch. I had to break up with you after that unfortunate incident with the trinity stitch neckerchief. It's not you it's me. I just should have known that cotton yarn + bamboo needles + trinity stitch + road trip to Raritian Valley NJ would equal heart break.

Oh no! Garter Stitch Lace your here! You are my favorite thing kinda like Interpol this week!

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