Wednesday, September 03, 2008

September Scarves Day 2

This scarf is weird. It is really nice to look at and is interesting to knit. I was suprised at how complicated knitting it actually is. First the entire pattern is charted at over 200 lines the chart is two pages. And even though it looks like garter it actually switches from knit to purl and changes colors on each side.

A pattern you need to concentrate on for sure. I got 42 rows done on day one. I like this pattern and want to knit more on it that's a good sign. How about them colors? I should so have a lifestyle where I only knit with twenty dollar a skein yarns instead of bargin bin and mill ends.

Tommorrow is a real treat a fluffy purple confection perfect for the Sister.
Day Two
Striped Illusion Scarf
From Knitting New Scarves By Lynn Barr
Shibui Knits Merino two skeins one orange, one teal
Size 5 bamboos

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