Tuesday, September 02, 2008

September Scarves Day one

On September 1, 2008 I had every intention of getting up early and spending my day off putting a major dent into my Striped Illusion to kick off the month in style. Oh the best laid plans. First I had to spend the morning at the Lowe's looking for a coat rack that was wider than the old one to cover up the six inch wide holes I made trying to hang my new hooks. Long story summed up plastic molly bolts do not work. Then I bought a shelf for the kitchen to store food. The boss likes to buy in bulk but we don't have any place to store things. So that took the entire morning. Then I went to Aunt Kathy's for a barbeque so no progress was done on the new scarf.

So one day into my self created project I change the rules. Day one was spent working on the Big Ivy scarf poolside. Oh and my aunt's little rat terrier loves the scarf he was sleeping in when it was under the table. I made some good progress on that one. It was renamed the tube worm by my family. The Striped Illusion will be Day two's scarf I swear I have been working on it. Posting will be one day behind.

Day One

Big Ivy Scarf

Cascade 220 in brown, hot pink, white and teal

size 8 needles

About 70% done

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