Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rules on naming things

On Saturday Jazzy and I were walking back to my mother's house after going to the dollar store. She got two cheap plastic fairy dolls to play with while I did the laundry. I asked her what she was going to name her new dolls she said squiggle and sack. I said those were not good names for fairies she said they were fine because Lolly always says Sack. (He is a teenage boy who constantly talks about his "nutsacks")

The poor girl has a problem with naming things. She has ten plastic dogs named coco and princess kitty along with dollhouse people with weird names. She also accusses me of always suggesting she name her things after the dog or colors. So we decided that we would have some guidelines for naming things like dolls, animals and knitted things. So here they are

People should have people names.

They can have one or two names but shouldn't have more than three.

One of the names cannot be pants and even though it is ok the name is more annoying if the names rhyme.

Animals can have people names or names of objects, colors, or foods. Jackie has a cat named Meatball and that is ok. Meatball is not an acceptable name for people though.

Names that sound the same are perfectly acceptable for sibling. Nancy and Dancy can be sisters that is fine, Nathaniel and Pathaniel is a little weird but still ok.

People named after real pets are funny and vice versa.

We also agreed to not name all the animals the same. It's pretty confusing to play doggie daycare when all the dogs are named coco, snowball, puggie and J.R.

FYI we both agree that Princess Sparkle is a good name for a kitten not so good for babies. (also if you want to have a baby it's easy you just ask grandmom first and if she says it is ok than you go to the hospital and get one.)

Oh who would have thought that naming things was so difficult!

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