Monday, January 26, 2009

Ta Da!

It is a wonder what a cold can do for your knitting time! I have been nursing a really yucky head cold. I was totally laid up yesterday and called out from work today. However it did give me the laying around time I needed to finish my Anatolian mittens from Folk Mittens. I must be sick and bored if I can finish a knitting project, photograph it, photoshop and flickr it in the same day!
For my next project I am hoping to work on the Lapland Mittens from the same book. I am thinking of starting a sweater in February. I have been thinking about the Origami Cardi from IK. I knit it a few years ago and it turned out to be too big for me. I think I have the right yarn, the right needles and a more realistic view of my sizing.

Work continues on the sewing front. I finished two tote bags but had a mini hissy fit over my lunch bags. In my defense I wasn't feeling well and the thread kept sticking on the little cutout on the top of the spool and breaking.

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  1. Those mittens are really lovely. Nice work!


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