Sunday, February 01, 2009

A woodpecker and a single mit

I have been on a mitten kick. I finished most of a pair of Lapland Mittens from Folk Mittens. Things have been very stressful at work so I have been knitting like crazy. I had two days off from work last week so I blasted through one mitten and picked up the Leftover Vest as well. I have the left front and the armhole and neck edging to finished. Oh yeah and about six hundred ends to weave it. Stripes oh what a great idea in theory.

I also went through my stash and pulled out all the project worthy yarns I have and assigned them to projects. Now I feel like I have a plan to work with and won't go and buy random yarns or use my good yarns on crappy projects. I have less yarn than I thought but enough to do a few good projects. I have enough to do a Hey Teach, a Shetland Triangle and a three quarter length cropped cardi and a pair of mittens so I am in good shape for a few months. I have also been thinking about doing a ribbed striped scarf using up my RHSS scraps. I think N8 would like something like that. I also have 900 yards of merino laceweight and two balls of Lornas Laces that I am currently hording.

Today the boss saw a red headed woodpecker in the tree and was able to get a snap of it. Pretty good photo from so far away.

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