Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spliting necks and calling it dichotomy

Oh boy things have been crazy at work. Let us just say that the economic downturn has been just as bad for non-profits. This is not a how crappy is work blog so enough of that. I have plenty of things to be grateful. I am totally in love with Los Campesinos hence the title of this post and have found Craftsanity podcast.

I finished my Lapland Mittens. I actually washed and blocked them and they look awesome. Can I just say that Cascade 220 is such a nice reliable yarn. It is easy to knit and blocks so nicely and it lasts forever!
I also got some wonderful handspun yarn in the mail this week. I won two awesome skeins of yarn from the NaKniMitMo group on Ravelry. I am so stoked. This is my first handspun. The color is an muted varigated plum and pink. I got two skeins of worsted weight about 220 yards, enough for something great. Right now I just fondle it.

Shetland Triangle are you the new Big Ivy? I did six repeats and got hopelessly messed up. I tried to frog back and got so twisted I had to scrap and redo. On sunday I restarted and have done 4 repeats so far. I need to realize that I need to pay attention to lace!

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