Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leftovers - Almost like recycling

So here is the neglected and unloved Leftovers Vest from Knitty. I made this from all the scraps of RHSS that I had in my suitcase. I started it in a fit of being frugal and getting rid of stuff before buying new yarn. I worked on it like crazy and then fizzled out in October. It sat and stewed until last month. I realized I only needed to do the front v neck and the arm and neck bands. Oh and weaving in about six trillion ends. The end result was an ok vest that makes me look frugal to the boss and that is all that matters. I have two secrets to acquiring new yarn guilt free.

First I piggy back new yarn on a pre approved boss project. For example I decided to make a baby blanket for our neighbor. Cha Ching. Yarn for the project and for me! Second I score some free yarn. Free yarn means saving money. If you run out you have to get more to finish and a little something more. These two techniques work better than the hissy fit plan which never, ever works.

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