Monday, September 28, 2009

These are not my beautiful hats

Guess what?  This week's project isn't a hat.  In fact it isn't even knitted.  I made three super cute crochet cacti.  My boss at work loves the southwest and is fascinated by cacti.  Unfortunately she can't seem to keep them alive in pots in her office.  She does have a huge patch in her back garden but can't keep them in her office.  So as a small joke present I made her a cute cactus to sit on her desk.  All are made from RHSS.  I have such a phobia of making one thing and it turning out weird that I always make two or three of anything.  Nate loves the two cake baking habit.  .If one cake turns out ugly we keep it home and send the nicer one out to parties so he always has a cake to eat when he gets home.

Look at Jazzy's hands from playing with the chalk.  She loves it when the chalk is a little wet she says the colors are better.  I agree it does give the chalk a texture like oil painting.

I am also working on a reversible cable scarf for a christmas gift.  I thought I would really like not having a wrong side to a cabled scarf but the cables looks schrunched up and weird.  I am hoping they relax during washing.  No big projects on the horizon except for Jackie's b day sweater which I hope to start next week.

Oh wait I am totally in love.  I bought a copy of Alice Starmore's book of Fair Isle Knitting and decided I must have a cardigan.  That will be my christmas gift to myself and my January project.  I have been dreaming of complex Fair Isle sweaters and gorgeous color combos.  I can't wait to get started but I have to finish my christmas knits first.

On the reading side of things I finished The Wings of the Dove by Henry James and Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler which was a well written thought provoking book especially in the political climate today.  I am now working on Sister Carrie (which is much more exciting) by Theodore Drieser and hoping to start The Good Solider by Ford Madox Ford I am jumping around a bit but I got a free copy so I am going to give it a whirl.

Crochet Cacti (rav link)
The Art of Fair Isle by Alice Starmore
Heberian Yarns Hubba hubba I am in love with these kits.


  1. aw, I love their little blooms on top.

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the cacti! How cute! I shall miss the hats :-(
    I actually think I might make of the hats you made, the gray one with the cables. I'll let you know when I do.


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